Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wild thing

I've been a wild thing in the studio lately.  I've been experimenting with techniques and different materials and it's been fantastic. 

Here's an example - basically almost no brushwork involved - just squirting paint on wet illustration board and watching as the paint and the water play.

After it dries I look at it right side up, upside down, sideways until I think I know what the painting wants to be, then I try to help it to be that. 

I used a hotel card key to scoop up paint and slather it on, a Mr. Clean sponge to lift paint, and did a little scraping with an x-acto blade.

Crazy fun - it appeals to my wild side. 

Yes, I do have one.



  1. This is gorgeous! Like angry waves crashing against the rocks during a storm.

  2. I agree with Kate in both her assessment (fantastic work!) and her interpretation. I LOVE IT!