Sunday, April 12, 2009


Isn't it interesting how important context is?

When I was going up in California, I loved to go for walks. One of the things I liked to do was pick wildflowers. Of course, this was before the "Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints" age. One of the most elusive and prized flowers was a shooting star. Every once in a while if you walked far enough, into the right habitat of cool shade, you would see one. That was a magic moment. You never took a sighting for granted because you never knew when you might see one again. It was also the one flower that I did not pick. It just didn't seem right to rip such a rare, treasured prize from the earth only to watch it quickly die. I would savor the moment, and then leave it where it was growing.

In Spokane, shooting stars are like buttercups were in Auburn. They are commonplace, taken for granted. But not by me. Even though I see them often here, they have retained their special place in my heart because of our history together. People native to this area don't even notice them let alone appreciate their beauty.

I wonder how many things I don't notice enough to appreciate?

On another note, during our Easter church get-together, I was greeted by an old friend and I got to make a new one.
Goldie, Ginger's sister was happy to see me, but wanted to know where Ginger was.
Bailey, a black lab, is the Taylor's new puppy. She loved the easter egg hunt and my leather gloves!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. He is risen!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rays of Light

Sometimes it feels that you're in a pit of darkness and you just can't get out.
Well meaning people offer encouragement:
"Be positive"
"Think of all you have to be thankful for"
"You have so many positive things happening"

As if you would choose to remain in the pit.
Just think your way out!
think! think! think!

But even in the pit there are rays of light
Norm, Kate & Cy, Jeff
Silly black and white dogs
faithful brown ones,
lifelong dear friends
singing frogs at night

an unexpected letter

I hope rays of light shine on you today.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nursing a doggone headache

I decided that I would be honest with my blog, and not just post when things are good. The last two days have been an ordeal. I've had a killer headache. Nothing is working and I'm good for nothing.

So much for the exercise routine.

Fortunately I have good care. Of course Norm is wonderful: he's been warming up rice bags and generally waiting on me.

But who can beat this kind of nursing?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Unsinkable Wumpus

I'm so glad that we got a chance to visit Kate and Cy in Pocatello. The visit was very relaxing. I was recovering from my cold for most of the visit, but we had a great time visiting and just enjoying the time together.

One outing we did take was to the museum to visit a Titanic exhibit. (An exhibit about the ship NOT a gargantuan run of the mill museum exhibit.) Kate, Norm and I (Cy had to work), were each given actual identities of passengers aboard that doomed ship. We toured the exhibit and in the end, we read the list of passengers to determine whether or not we survived. I am happy and sad to report that while Kate and I survived, alas Norm did not. He took it well.

We woke up this lovely April spring morning to about three more inches of snow. I wanted to break the snow record this year but this is quite enough. I am so ready for summer. Let's just skip spring and head directly to 70 degree plus weather.

Jeff house and dog sat for us while we were in Pocatello. What a blessing he was!! He fixed my heater core in my car, took some stuff that's been sitting around for far too long to the dump, and bathed the dogs. He even got their nails clipped.

I decided while I was returning to Spokane that I would try to take better care of myself. I will keep you posted about my progress. Lately I have not been doing a very good job: too focused on work, no exercise, and poor food choices. This little trip made me really appreciate how wonderful I have it: fantastic husband, an amazing daughter and son-in-law, and a wonderful son. I really enjoy them all but I haven't been treating myself very well, so I haven't been feeling great. I'm worth feeling great for my own sake and for the sake of those I love. I cleaned the house today and made good food choices.

I've planned a week of healthy eating and I will get back on that exercise routine!!