Monday, March 10, 2014

Even good enough for the Greek Chorus

A wonderful thing happened to me and it is imperative that I write this down to REMEMBER.

I have improved my technique in painting.

I actually said that that out loud.  In print even.  This is significant because my inner critic - I actually call them my "Greek Chorus" because they are so loud they surely must be more than one voice - improves right a long with me and never seems to be satisfied.  I am never good enough according to my Greek Chorus.

Well I have evidence to the contrary that even they can't refute.  Many months ago I finished a flower study that I was very pleased with.  I wanted to take a risk and put in a background.  I didn't want just a completely vague background like this:

Out On A Limb
 I wanted a feeling of intermediary depth. This technique had always eluded me.  I can paint objects close up and I can create a feeling of far distance, but creating a feeling of in-between was always a failure.

I tried it on this new piece and was really disappointed with the results, so I pinned the painting to my bulletin board.  This is where pieces go to die when I'm pleased with them in some way but they are not worthy of finding a real home.

After completing the painting that I shared with you in the previous post, I realized I had learned quite a lot about creating that feeling of intermediary depth.  I unpinned the old painting, worked on it, and I loved the results.

Even the Greek Chorus is satisfied.  At least for today.

Monday, March 3, 2014

You're Outta Here!!!!

I have been in serious learning mode lately, so I haven't blogged at all, as I'm sure you've noticed. 

I thought I would send some color into the universe on a snowy, drippy (the big melt is on) day. 

Just remember: it's March.  Even if it snows or gets very cold, you can shake your fist, laugh in its face, and shout to winter "You are defeated.  You may not know it, but you're outta here." HA!!  Take that, Winter.

Bring on Spring.