Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All quiet on the western front

Quiet - but not unproductive.

Here's a glimpse of things I'm working on in the studio right now:

A Centennial Trail value study. Running this time of year is a reminder of how momentary some things are and how lasting others can be. Those momentary things can be splashes of great beauty while the lasting things are more mundane. Yet the mundane outlasts the momentary and exhibits a grace that is visible when you look past its outer shell.

Wildflowers are in riotous color right now, quickly here then just as quickly gone. If I don't grab my camera immediately they might have faded by the time I return. I love their wild abandon of color and form. As soon as they are gone, a different vision appears in another location all vying for attention.

Yet I was struck by the old gnarly tree standing in marked contrast to the wild daisies, then later blue flowers. It has stood for how many years? It has seen the youthful abandon of the wildflowers come and go. It has weathered the seasons and remains. I'd like my painting to capture that contrast.

Wild iris study. These are also from the trail. I'm playing with some very large paintings - almost abstract in nature, focusing on form and color.

Through all this, studio dog is my faithful companion.