Friday, June 10, 2011

Add killer bunnies to the list

I've been running on the trail earlier this week due to transportation issues. It's been a little scary running that early. The trail is pretty deserted, especially on colder, cloudy mornings, which we seem to STILL be experiencing this June. I feel a bit isolated and look carefully around especially as I go under overpasses (I watch too many crime shows). The real source of danger that early hasn't been from menacing human beings.

It's the killer bunnies.

And some ground squirrels - even a marmot.

Here's the scenario: Super Sprecka and I are running at our break-neck speed down the trail. A bunny darts across the trail, startling Sprecka, who clearly goes through a string of split second thought bursts:

must chase the bunny, kill the bunny, no, no, attached to this stupid leash, run back to the lady, no, no, mustn't trip the lady (been there, done that, and while the excitement of her falling and breaking her face was highly entertaining, we didn't get to run again for weeks and weeks), sit down and think, no, no, we're running, get going!

The bunny, having reached the other side of the trail, high fives a waiting companion, who then runs back across the trail starting the whole thing over again. For variety, a ground squirrel joins the relay, darting toward us, sticking out its tongue to tempt Sprecka, shakes its furry tail and scampers into the brush, snickering. A slow moving marmot even decides to join in (apparently we don't run at a break-neck speed and he has plenty of time to taunt Sprecka and waddle to the other side of the trail).

I'm a worrier. They say that worrying is pointless because the things you worry about don't usually happen; it's the things you never even think to worry about that get you. Like killer bunnies.

Doesn't mean I will take anything off the worry plate; I'll just add one more thing to watch out for. Ah well, such is life. I'm in the mood for a little Monty Python. You bring the popcorn.


  1. Those rotten little woodland creatures, taunting Sprecka like that!

  2. Oh - I like Monty Python too. We should do a marathon! But we won't invite the bunnies.