Friday, February 11, 2011

More cat tails and cat tales

Another scene from Turnbull Wildlife Refuge. I was especially drawn to this scene because of all of the murky reflections in the pond, and because of the cat tails. They're very fun to paint.

Speaking of cats...the art studio cat has been at work again. Not painting this time but stealthily stealing water. I say stealthy because I don't think it's particularly healthy to drink dirty paint water. Of course, I provide perfectly good clean water in the pet dish, but apparently that doesn't appeal to her as much as diluted ultramarine blue. While manufacturers have worked to eliminate toxicity in paints, it's probably still not good to drink it. The cat knows that I don't want her drinking the water, so she waits until I'm not looking. Here she is looking to see if I'm watching, and then drinking the forbidden water.

As if that's not annoying enough, she's been printing at night when she's sure we're sleeping. Really? Printing? Yes, really. As I lay there sleeping, I hear her walking on the table, apparently walking on the printer, and stepping on the print button. I come into the studio in the morning to find the printer jammed. This is after she has pushed tubes of paint on the floor, carried off natural sponges and who knows what else.

Yes, I know the obvious solution is to close the door to the studio but during the day this is not practical and I often forget at night.

Oh well. She enjoys herself in the studio almost as much as I do.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Love your Cat Tales and Cat Tails. Cats really like to feel that they are part of your life and what you are doing. Zoe lies on Grandpa's adding machine when he's working at his desk. She also has an expensive water fountain but prefers to drink in the bathroom, which isn't very healthy for her.