Monday, December 13, 2010

A visit from my cookie weekend

Twas two weeks before Christmas
the kitchen was calling
I assembled utensils
as snow came a falling
(actually, it was a mild day with no snow)

The bowls were lined up
and the Kitchen Aid whirring
The dogs licked the floor
and the kitten was purring
(actually, the kitten is a cat and was upstairs hiding - but the
dogs helpfully licked the floor whenever needed)

The cookies like soldiers
were ready to go
my stomach was bloated
from sampling the dough
(actually, it was more like sampling whole cookies as they came
out of the oven, tasting the frosting, tasting a frosted cookie,
eating the ugly ones)

The crock pot was cooking
a wonderful dinner
after that much sugar
chili's always a winner

(the foil is there because my crock pot spits - very rude behavior for a crock pot. Crock pots are one of life's frustrations for me. When Norm and I were married, my brother David, gave us a little unassuming crock pot. I happily used it for a couple of years but then succumbed to the siren song of better, bigger, fancier crock pots. After acquiring my crock pot upgrade I gave away my first little crock pot and have forever regretted it. I didn't realize that my first crock pot was the best crock pot I would ever have. It even had the ability to go straight from being able to brown on the stove top to being plugged in. In 20+ years I have never been able to find that feature again. Every crock pot since has been adequate but has never measured up to that first crock pot. It's a lesson in life, I guess. Be happy and appreciate what you have. That grass that looks greener can't go from the stove top to the plug in and you will always regret trading it in. On the other hand, maybe the analogy isn't so good. There are some things in life that simply aren't working - so get rid of it and don't look back!)

Now the cookies are finished
and ready on plates
so how do I get rid of them?!!!!!!
they simply won't wait

(OK so I couldn't finish my poem properly to convey my ambivalence towards the rows and rows of cookies that are now on my counter. I want someone else to deliver them to people for me. Isn't that pathetic? Maybe I could just send an email to the intended recipients letting them know
their cookies are ready for pick up)

With that generous thought
I'll leave you so bright
Merry Christmas to all
and to all a good night

(OK, it was a silly rhyme. I DO hope you're feeling bright. Enjoy your week. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by for some cookies!)

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  1. Hehe, I loved your rhyme - and your beautiful cookies! Believe it or not, I blogged about my cookies today, too. :)