Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seeing old friends

I started decorating for Christmas today.

As I went through each box, I was struck with a feeling of connection - a linking of the past years and the dear people in my life.

Like this old guy. Actually he's part of a pair that I swear is from my grandparents, and Norm swears is from his. Maybe it doesn't matter. One of them leaks sawdust but neither Norm nor I would ever think of throwing it away.

These make me think of my best bud, Judi, who gave me the cottage and my godparents who gave me the little santa/snowmen bingo carvings a long, long time ago.

This slightly bedraggled angel connects me to my mom, who created it and this Christmas tree many years ago.

These snowmen represent our family. Kate, Jeff, and I created the tall snowmen on sticks several years ago. I especially like Jeff's snowman because of his expression. Jeff created the large snowman in the middle, and Kate created the small snow people family, each of which represents one of us. This display always warms my heart.

When I see these stockings I think of my babies. I created them both while I was pregnant so they are very dear to me. Cy's has become an important addition.

This handsome fellow was hand carved by my sweetheart and painted by me. He always gazes out from our mantel.

And this is my Christmas Table, a tradition started by the aforementioned sweetheart several years ago. Incredibly, every day during December, I wake up to a new present on this table. I can't begin to say how blessed I feel to have someone treat me with such love and care, even after he has had to live with me for 27 plus years!

During this season I am so thankful for these memories and the precious relationships they represent. I am not worthy of the gift of the love of all of these people. Much like how we are not worthy of the gift of love of our Lord. But we have it and I am so thankful.

I hope that your holiday season is filled with joy.

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