Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More before and after

Well, the destruction goes on. As my good friend advised, I am trying to enjoy the mess. Here is another before and after shot. We've not only taken out all of the railroad ties terracing, but also two pine trees and two birch trees. It definately opens it up. I feel very exposed.

We will be replacing the terracing with rock walls and creating kind of a meandering flagstone pathway throughout. I'm trying not to panic about the amount of work Norm is going to have to do on the sprinkler system.

I also thought you might like an update on the portrait. Here is the one color version along with the new color version.


  1. What a change that is going to be in your yard. And you're really progressing! Is your portrait of someone you know, or is it from your imagination?

  2. The portrait is from a black and white photo that was an exercise from an online watercolor class.