Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spring Training

I had a great talk with Dad the other day. When I explained how I was experimenting and playing around with my art, he came up with the analogy that I was in Spring Training. I like that.

I've had questions about "glazing". A picture (or a few) paints a thousand words, so here is one of my examples of glazing.

There are actually more layers than just four, but this gives the general idea. I've been quite pleased with the results I've been having.

I'm also getting ready to try the unthinkable: a portrait in watercolor! This is me trying to fully embrace the two ideas that:

1). It's only paper

2). The experimentation is the point...not the product

I was relieved that I could still do a line drawing for a portrait. Here it is:
I'll keep you posted about the progress.
I am amazed at how much I want to do and how quickly the day goes by.

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