Thursday, August 19, 2010

Downward facing dog

I'm lying on my back, relaxing. Feeling my energy.

Feeling a lick on my nose, then another one, and another one.
"Ginger! Sprecka! Go lie down".

I'm on my back again, in a kind of hard to describe pretzel position...stretching...feeling the golden bands of healing along with a stretching feeling akin to but not quite reaching discomfort.

A bump from a canine nose pushes me. I lose my balance and my golden bands of healing, roll out of the position onto my side.

I start laughing and I cannot stop. The DVD tells me to relax into the energy of the position. The dogs keep licking my nose, looking down at me. I keep laughing. That just encourages them. They lick me more, nudge me with their noses. I can't regain my focus.

I've been doing yoga for a few weeks now for a couple of reasons. I am really stiff and I know that as I get older it's important to maintain flexibility.
I also am using yoga to keep focused on important things in life and not stress so much.

The dogs don't know what to make of yoga. I do strange things and make strange noises and they worry about me.
I didn't quite attain the yoga workout I was hoping for today but I'm "rolling" with it. Maybe I got something better.


  1. The dogs are just jealous that they can't get into those positions and they also want you to know that you are still part of the pack even though you make strange sounds.

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