Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Our 8K run is in four days! When I suggested this family activity many months ago it sounded like such a great idea.

The good news is that I'm finally close to breaking the 11:00 minute per mile barrier that has proved to be so elusive. The bad news is I'd like to shave 1 minute off of my per minute average by Saturday. Not happening. Oh well.

Good enough will have to be good enough.

I've been playing with my art lately, trying some new things, reacquainting myself with old things. One new thing is a different drawing technique, which I really like. I start with a rough shape of the thing I want to draw first.

This is the big picture that I need to help me keep things in proportion, but it is so simple that it doesn't overwhelm me. Then I rough in the shapes like this:

I'm starting to narrow my focus, but it's not too much visual input.

Then I narrow my focus more, taking one detail at a time. By this point I'm ready for the visual input because I have reference points and I'm not confused. (This picture imported sideways for some reason.)
I've tried this method with several complex subjects and had some results I'm pleased with.

Another thing I've been working on is values using ink washes, and then my old friend, watercolor washes. (The watercolor onion imported sideways and WOULD NOT allow itself to be imported any other way. Art has a mind of its own.)
Kate and Cy come day after tomorrow. Jeff comes the day after that!!


  1. I'm getting excited to come, but stressed out about how unprepared I am to run. Oh well, it's just for fun, right?

  2. Even if we walk the whole thing it will be fun because we're together!!!!

  3. I wish you all a wonderful run (or walk!). I'll be with you in spirit. Can't wait to see you one of these days!!!