Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ordering chaos

I have a low tolerance for chaos. Over time I have come to realize that I react to situations because of this truth about myself. Through my studies of how the brain learns, I know that the brain is constantly trying to make sense of the world, to detect patterns. When the brain receives new information, it needs to have some place to put it.

Just like pain receptors, maybe people have more or less visual/auditory stimulus receptors. Perhaps people with a lot of stimulus receptors get overwhelmed with visual and auditory input. I've decided that this is why I have such a problem with situations where there is no discernable pattern, especially visually.

At the moment we're living in chaos. As we finish painting one room, we move things into it from another room and proceed to tear the new room apart. At this point, the entire upstairs is torn apart. I have to take deep breaths and tell myself that this is GOOD!!! When it is complete, I will LOVE IT!!!

My blog is a friend of diversity!
I am excited that I have a new follower to my blog...and she is a different species. Hopefully this trend will continue. Perhaps an aquatic species will follow? In the spirit of this inclusiveness, I will try to include information that is interesting to all.

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