Monday, March 10, 2014

Even good enough for the Greek Chorus

A wonderful thing happened to me and it is imperative that I write this down to REMEMBER.

I have improved my technique in painting.

I actually said that that out loud.  In print even.  This is significant because my inner critic - I actually call them my "Greek Chorus" because they are so loud they surely must be more than one voice - improves right a long with me and never seems to be satisfied.  I am never good enough according to my Greek Chorus.

Well I have evidence to the contrary that even they can't refute.  Many months ago I finished a flower study that I was very pleased with.  I wanted to take a risk and put in a background.  I didn't want just a completely vague background like this:

Out On A Limb
 I wanted a feeling of intermediary depth. This technique had always eluded me.  I can paint objects close up and I can create a feeling of far distance, but creating a feeling of in-between was always a failure.

I tried it on this new piece and was really disappointed with the results, so I pinned the painting to my bulletin board.  This is where pieces go to die when I'm pleased with them in some way but they are not worthy of finding a real home.

After completing the painting that I shared with you in the previous post, I realized I had learned quite a lot about creating that feeling of intermediary depth.  I unpinned the old painting, worked on it, and I loved the results.

Even the Greek Chorus is satisfied.  At least for today.

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  1. This is so beautful! Time to rename your Greek chorus to the Hallelujah Chorus.