Monday, June 10, 2013

Taking risks

How comfortable are you with risk taking?

For me, it's time to take some risks - little risks and major risks.  It seems like there are seasons for risk taking, times to play it safe and times to say a prayer, batten down the hatches and hold on for dear life.  I tend to like the former rather than the latter, but I'm going to try to embrace the thrill of the risk.

What are the risks, you ask?

Here's a small one. 

This is a study that I think turned out to be quite lovely and I am pleased with it. The risk involves painting a dark background which is what I plan to do next. I've spent many hours on this painting and just like that, a dark wash can very likely ruin it.  (Ah, for a computer paint program where you can just press "undo".)  Often I won't take the risk, but this time I will.  I'll let you know how it goes.

The big risk?  We're selling our house, most likely moving from the area where we have spent the last wonderful 20 years, and we're not even sure where we're going!  The reason I've been absent with blog postings is that my main job the last few months has been to get the house ready to sell. 

Well, today it lists.  We're ready to close the door on a large chapter of our life and begin a new one.  I just wish I could skip to the end of the book and find out how it all works out.  (I do that, you know, because I just can't stand it.)  I have faith that it will all work out and now matter where we end up we will be moving forward which is what I know we must do.

I'll keep you posted about how that all works out too.


  1. Oh, so lovely! And I'm excited to see where both risks (painting and moving) take you next. :)

  2. Ditto what Kate said. It's beautiful. :)