Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All in good time

My first attempt to merge the "Wild Style" with a little bit of planning:

There's a story behind this painting...of course there is!
Many years ago my niece graduated from high school.  For a gift, I created a pastel drawing of her and her brother when they were very little. 
Two years later, her brother graduated.  I wanted to do something similar for my nephew and I even had the photo references.  My daughter had gone out on the boat with my brother and his family and she had taken wonderful photos of my nephew wake boarding.  I wanted to use those photos to create a work of art.
But there was the problem...I didn't know what form the piece would take or how to do it.  So the photos have waited.
When I was playing around with the "wild style" of painting, I decided that the first attempt at harnessing the wildness in a controlled piece should be this painting of my nephew.
So, 10 years or so later, the time for this piece was finally right.


  1. I like how this turned out. I think the water in the foreground is extraordinary. Bravo!

  2. And I love the trees in the background! :) Beautiful.

  3. Wow, that looks really good Aunt Karen... Thanks for sending me the link. Brian

  4. You've caught his joy beautifully! I knew right away who it was.:)