Sunday, October 16, 2011

Building bridges

When I leave the studio, I often forget the way back.

Even if it is just the space of time between the closure of one day to the beginning of the next, I have a hard time returning. The longer the time away, the more difficult it is to even remember the melody of who I am and the possibilities of that song I was working on before I left.

I've never been good at transitions, but I'm sure that this has to do with fear.

So, I am becoming a bridge builder. Before I leave the studio, I build a bridge for my future, lost self. I set up one or two simple, fun projects. That way I fool the voice that tells me "You will never be anything but mediocre - so trying will only bring you rejection and pain", into a comfortable place of play. "It's just playing," I tell that voice. "No pressure."

The bridge may be setting up a drawing in my sketchbook of my son's beautiful dog, Stella. I get out all of the supplies and leave them for myself.

Or, it may be a fun, silly, no-pressure painting project:

I will need a good, strong bridge this week. Unfortunately I will be out of the studio all week.

Have a wonderful week. Build a bridge if you need to.


  1. I hope today finds you back in the studio. Did your bridge work?

  2. Yes, my bridge worked!! I'm back in the studio this week (picture me doing a happy dance). I even set up a new bridge at the end of the day yesterday. Thanks for asking! :)