Saturday, September 10, 2011

How about a little magic sparkle dust?

All great writers have it, don't they?

On one of my spectacular runs, I was hit with a nugget. Of an idea - not a rock or an acorn.

I call it a nugget because it is small - just a tiny thing (I had this thought clarified for me by this wonderfully insightful person), but GOLDEN. I am keeping it safe - protecting it from thieves and ne'er-do-wells, just like you should always do with small, precious things, and because it is magic I am working to help this little nugget grow into an actual creation that I will share with the world. (These ne'er-do-wells who would destroy this fragile creation are not necessarily evil-minded - just thoughtless, perhaps even well meaning who can with an unwise comment or question shatter the possibilities that this nugget embodies.) The destroyers can also be doubt and neglect - nuggets must be tended to or their magic disappears.

My nugget involves writing and on another wonderful run, it occurred to me that I was my own ne'er-do-well in terms of my thinking. I somehow expect these flashes of brilliant insights, glowing with possibilities and life, to carry on throughout the sweat and hard work of actually doing the work of creating this thing.

"Real writers", I think to myself, "probably go directly from the glow of creative inspiration (think of the Christopher Lloyd character in Back to the Future when he imagines the flux capacitor - "GREAT SCOTT - IT'S BRILLIANT!!!"), and then move directly to the final, amazing product that probably sparkles with magic writer dust - every page fairly glittering with brilliance.

Somehow, deep down, I think I actually kind of believed that - that everything "real writers" wrote was somehow amazing. When faced with that expectation I was reluctant to even begin.

OK!! I can do this. I think I'll even sprinkle a little glitter on some of my pages as I work - a little reminder that every word, paragraph, and page are magic - whether they evolve into a final product or not - they're part of that process so they are golden.

They fairly sparkle with possibilities.


  1. You continually amaze me. Now if you can only inspire me to do something too ...

  2. Oh, I know this feeling. I'm always astonished to learn how much gritty work goes into books, albums or art that seem so effortless in their finished form. Really, it's an encouraging thing to learn. :)

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