Monday, May 2, 2011

Down to earth

How quickly the mighty have fallen.

From princess/fairy godmother to serf.

We had 6 yards of garden soil delivered as the next step in our ongoing yard improvement project that began last year when we demolished what we had and put in rock retaining walls and steps.

Before we planted, we needed to enrich the sadly neglected soil and fill in newly constructed raised beds for vegetables.

Unfortunately the soil must go from here:

down here:

down here:
all the way to here:
I estimate that yesterday and today I have made over 125 trips lugging soil. No upper/lower body weight workout needed this week!

After filling in raised planting beds, planting these:

and these:
and many other lovely plants, my dirt pile still looks like this:
No matter how many buckets of soil I fill and carry away, the pile looks the same.

Now that's magic. If only my bank account worked that way.


  1. Ah, come, on. Are you sure the before and after pics of the pile aren't the same? Seriously, its going to look wonderful when you and Norm finish. Hang in there! :)

  2. Too funny. We must have made a dent in the pile. I have the sore shoulders to prove it.