Monday, April 25, 2011

Looking back to see forward

I ran the trail this week-end on our first glorious 60 degree day of the year and was disappointed.

Why? With my time. It was a perfect day, I felt great but I was disappointed with my pace by the end of the 4 miles. Don't get me wrong. I was thrilled to be out and running on my favorite trail and I felt wonderful but the pace thing nagged at me. Unlike previous years, I had worked out during the winter even though I didn't run. I thought that would pay off. Then I remembered my running log. Last spring I enrolled in a wonderful, free website that tracks your runs. You can find it here if you are interested. I reviewed last year's runs during April and found something that surprised me. Yes, my pace was about the same, but I was only running a couple of miles. I realized that I had indeed made progress because my 2 minute pace now is faster and I'm already running longer distances.

During my run today, I thought about how much I not only appreciate my online running journal, but also my beloved creative journal. You can find one like it here. I pour my thoughts, celebrations, fears, creative insights, plans and anything else into it. I tape practice mini paintings, sketches, cartoons, even actual plants right into it. The most wonderful thing about it is that I get to revisit the past through it and just like my running log, I discover surprising truths about myself and my progress.

I'll leave you with a last photo of one of my paintings that I'm playing with and a thought I heard today that has resonated with me: Wouldn't it be wonderful if we faced every day filled with an overwhelming excitement at the thought of "I wonder what wonderful things I have in store for me today?". I often without conscious thought, kind of face the day with an attitude of "What bad thing am I going to have to deal with today"? I don't actually think that specifically, but in some ways I conduct myself with that fearful mindset.

I wrote it down in my journal so I would remember as I move forward.

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