Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Momentum vs Inertia

def: Mass is the fundamental measure of inertia; it measures the resistance of the body to changes in motion. Thus, inertia is resistance to motion changes. Whereas, momentum is mass in motion, and, is defined as the mass times the velocity.

I guess this explains why I always have such a hard time picking my painting and exercising back up after a break - a very hard time. But, just an hour of painting makes me feel so much better! It's like I find myself again and I wonder what took me so long:

(part of a 1 hour value study painting)

I am so excited to think about the upcoming year and where my painting will lead me. We took some gorgeous winter shots of the Centennial Trail during the break. I'm hoping to paint some of them and share them here.

Here's to keeping our bodies in motion!


  1. I see that you are back to work. I was on the couch napping this afternoon. Clearly, you are a better person than I am. :)

  2. so beautiful! I'm glad you spent a little time in the studio.