Friday, November 12, 2010

Waiting for Winter

The world around us seems to be in a waiting mode.

Waiting for winter.

You can feel it getting nearer. The trees are nearly bare. The air has a cold, heavy feel to it. When we have wind it brings a deeper chill, prompting you to quickly move inside. The animals are quieter. I don't see birds flitting about as I gaze out the window. The chipmunks and squirrels seem to have moved inside. The weather forecast hints of possibilities. Of snow.

This little guy is waiting for winter too.

The Sentry - Centennial Trail - Mile marker 13 - November

Some places have already tasted the first dusting of snow.

First Snow on the Mountain - Pocatello, ID

This painting was so fun to do. Unlike most of what I've been working on which involve hours of planning, masking, glazing (like that handsome guy above), this painting was done in about 20 minutes. It was based on a wonderful photo from this highly interesting blog.

Have a wonderful waiting for winter weekend.


  1. Wow - A two-fer today. I'm still a big fan of the first one however and I've learned from this blog that it is a 'tight' painting.

  2. It's so neat to see a photo in your blog (dressing for success) and then later see a painting where you have incorporated the photo. Love it.

  3. Just to balance Norm's comment, I absolutely love the last painting! :)