Monday, October 18, 2010

Making Mulch

We composted this week-end. So did many other people from Spokane!

Our beautiful Finch Arboretum offered a master composting class Saturday. We used to compost quite a bit when we lived in California, but have not done so for many years.

We visited five different stations learning about what materials to compost, types of bins, the value of worms (that was the best station), and finally saw a short video.

After all of this, we were awarded our own bin.

Our most difficult decision was where to put it. Our plan is to build some raised beds in the lower level, so we put the bin there. We also finished cleaning out the garage (YEAH!!!), and moved all of the gardening tools to the old play structure.

It was a beautiful week-end and the forecast is for a beautiful week. I'll have new Centennial Trail paintings for you to see tomorrow!

(Kate, here are those photos you wanted to see. Sorry about the blurry border photo.)


  1. You forgot to mention Worm composting!

  2. Thank you! I love the new border. Composting sounds fun - so cool that you got your own bin!