Monday, June 28, 2010

"Missoula Made" me happy!

We had a wonderful time in Missoula this week-end. The weather was beautiful. We drove over because Kate was exhibiting at the "Missoula Made" fair so it was a chance to see her and Cy and get out of town for a short time.

Our first pleasant experience was the hotel! We were sharing a room with Kate and Cy that they had reserved using Priceline. It was such a nice hotel. Most people stay there for extended periods of time because Missoula is such a great launching point. It has fantastic outdoors opportunities (more on that later) and is close to glacier, golfing, and I'm sure many other things that I don't know about. The hotel had a small theater room, a nice dining area with individual flat screen TVs at some tables, fitness center, outdoor sport court and barbecue. Our room was large and included a small, full kitchen. Incredible! All this for $80, which we split.

Sunday morning (it was a one day show), we helped Kate unload at the fair and then wandered around Missoula while she and Cy set up her booth. Missoula is a very outdoorsy place so there are lovely trails with plenty of people biking, walking, running, and exercising their dogs. Of course, Missoula has the beautiful Clark Fork River running through it and Sunday there were several kayakers practicing tricks at a perfect wave spot in the river. If I were in a boat my main objective would be to keep myself upright, but I soon came to realize that they were flipping on purpose. It was very entertaining to watch them practice flipping, turning, and rolling, while trying to stay in the wave and not be carried downstream.

When the fair officially opened we did some shopping. Kate's work stood out as being creative and well crafted. It was fun to see her in a show.

We got to have lunch with her and Cy in shifts and then headed home to Spokane to see a baseball game. They finally won one at home!! And yes, Norm protects me with a glove.

The only negative about the week-end was that we all felt a Jeff sized hole while we were in Missoula. We associate Missoula with Jeff. The good news is that Jeff, Kate, and Cy will be here in a month!! Definitely something to look forward to. (Jeff)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  1. So glad to hear that you had a wonderful time, my friend!!!