Friday, May 7, 2010

In the rearview mirror

Our road rally/birthday party was a huge success!! Everyone enjoyed the challenge and no one got lost.

It was so fun to plan this celebration to share with the people who have meant so much to us throughout our combined 100 years of life. We laughed hearing every one's tales from the road and the dinner was fantastic. I'm one of the few lunatics I know who serves a full dinner to 25 people using never before tried recipes!! I knew I couldn't go wrong with Cuisine's celebration menu. I made everything on it and all the dishes were wonderful: pulled pork tacos, home made refried beans, spicy cheese fondue, Mexican pasta salad, and sunrise punch. Fantastic!! In addition, Norm's best man at our wedding sent an incredible edible fruit bouquet.

Kate was such a dear helping us to clean and cook and then heading out as the driver on one of the teams. Norm's mom was on Kate's team and they did great. It was fun to catch up with his nieces too. One is even going into teaching. I did not offer comments on that career choice since she didn't ask and I didn't want to be discouraging. : )
It was so hard to see Kate go home though.

These flowers are from my wonderful husband, and no, they are not for my birthday but are for "Teacher Appreciation Week". I sure picked a good one 28 years ago!!


  1. I was the good picker 28 years ago. Our party sure was fun. I could tell it was a success when I came back into the house to hear all our friends telling each other about their adventures during the day.

  2. I'm so glad I could come - and we'll be back in just 2 months!

  3. I'm so glad that the party was a rousing success. So sorry I couldn't share in the joy, but I was there in spirit. Love to my bestest bud!