Monday, December 7, 2009


I worked all weekend on family Christmas presents and here is one of the results: a scrumptious brownie-like cookie sandwiched together with peppermint frosting. Yum!! The recipe was from Sunset Magazine.

I also made gingerbread cookies, shortbread present cookies, and a wonderful homely looking Scandinavian cookie that was probably my favorite. It was unassuming in appearance, but packed full of the wonderful flavor of hazelnuts, cinnamon, and maple syrup.

Norm and I shopped at Michaels for the perfect packaging, worked all afternoon Sunday preparing them, and we will ship them off today. I hope they make it without too much crumbling.

I'm hoping people won't be too disappointed with these simple gifts for Christmas this year. A lot of love went into them and they ARE quite tasty.

On a different note, I'm being honored at next Monday night's school board meeting because of the National Boards!!! Oh my goodness. Wish you all could be there with me, especially those of you who endured my hand-wringing throughout the process and those others of you who kindly understood why I had to work on my portfolio through Christmas last year. Thank you all for your support!!

Have a blessed Monday!

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  1. I don't always comment on your postings, but I so enjoy reading them. The cookies look so-o-o- good.Hope they're coming to our house.