Thursday, August 6, 2009

An Ode To Discipline

Blah! The word sounds so negative and confining
Yet as we end our third week of our exercise/eating plan,
I find myself in much more positive state of mind
I had lost control of another area of my life
It took a great deal of discipline to wrest the sovereignty back
Somehow I expected that with that success,
the rest of my life would flow smoothly again
Alas, life is not so easy
I didn't realize that with the loss of control in the one area,
came the loss of control in other areas
exercise, eating, chores
All these areas of my life had fallen into a state of lack of discipline
Yet after just three weeks of self imposed discipline,
it's wondrous how much easier the course becomes to navigate
At first it's so difficult
You have to summon the will constantly to fight the urge to slip back into lethargy,
old ways of no control
With each success, it becomes easier
You feel stronger
I am amazed that I ever got so far off course!
Aah, but I am wary of the call of chaos
its tendrils are always trying to wrap themselves around me,
pull me down into the despair
of no discipline
It is a lie that it is confining
it is liberating.

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