Sunday, March 29, 2009

My first posting

Well, here I am sick in Pocatello, Idaho. I almost didn't come, due to my sickness of course. I have a cold which was worsened by having to speak constantly because of teaching and 7 conferences a day for three days in a row. But I decided to come because this was a planned visit with my daughter and son-in-law during my spring break. Even sick it is so good to see them! Sometimes you don't realize how much you miss someone and that their absence is impacting your life in a profound way.

That's when I thought of how appreciative I am of my daughter's blog. Even though we're living far apart, I can check in on her via her blog and get a window into her world. It occured to me that I would love to have that with a few other people in my life: my son, my sister, and my childhood friend, Judi. Maybe they would like that too!'s my blog. Hopefully I will be faithful about posting messages in a timely way so that they can still be a part of my life too!
The exciting news is that I have mailed my National Board Teaching Certificate box in!! Here is the picture of the infamous box. It is now out of my hands...literally. Now I study for the next two months for the assessment. Then I wait, and wait, and wait. I honestly don't know how well I've done on it and what my chances are of passing. I'm hoping for the best, but I won't know until December.

Well, back to sipping tea and being a couch potato in Pocatello, ID.

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